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Our Vision & Mission

Reach And Influence People Worldwide Through Witnessing, Preaching And Living Exemplary Lives That Would Direct Them To Jesus Christ.

Teach And Nourish, Through The Word Of God, Anyone Desiring To Grow And Attain Full Maturity In The Christian Faith.

Release The People In This Ministry To Go Forth Into The World In Order To Reach And Influence The Lives Of Others.

To See A World Of People Whose Lives Have Been Transformed To Live Godly Lifestyles Through On-going Evangelistic And Outreach Events. Also To Empower Individuals Through Biblical Training And Education To Enhance Personal And Interpersonal Development And Expand The Training And Education In Order To Reach Our Communities And Our Nation.

Open Door Is A Family Church That Endeavors To Express Love That Promotes The Healing And Restoration Of Lives In Accordance With The Word Of God.

Statement Of Faith
It Is Our Belief That God The Father, God The Son And God The Holy Spirit Each Have A Unique And Individual Function But Are United As One In Purpose And Form A Tri-unity, Three United As One, Which Is The Trinity.

We Acknowledge That The Father, Jehovah God, Loved Us So, That He Sent His Son Jesus To Die For Our Sins. After Jesus Died, He Was Raised From The Dead And Sent Us Another Comforter, The Holy Spirit.

We Believe In The Gifts And Operation Of The Holy Spirit As Well As Water Baptism, Which Is An Outward Demonstration Of An Inward Change, As A Symbol Of Dedication.

We Acknowledge That Our Salvation And Only Hope For Eternal Life Is A Gift From God The Father By His Grace Through Faith In His Son Jesus Christ.